Hamilton Beach 4.5L Set 'n Forget 5-Quart Slow Cooker - 33956
Hamilton Beach 4.5L Set 'n Forget 5-Quart Slow Cooker - 33956
RM1,199.00 RM899.00

Hamilton Beach 4.5L Set 'n Forget 5-Quart Slow Cooker - 33956

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RM1,199.00 RM899.00
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  • 3 choices for easy, automatic cooking: probe, program and manual
  • Thermometer probe for meat
  • Clip-on spoon and clip-tight gasket lid
  • Full-grip handles
  • Power interrupt protection
  • 2 years General Warranty ( 1st 1 to 1 Exchange )


Eliminate weeknight stress with the optimum flexibility of the Hamilton Beach® Programmable Set & Forget® 6 Quart Slow Cooker. With three choices for easy, automatic cooking, having a family meal on a busy week night is possible.

Sit down to juicy pot roast, savory roasted chicken, or pulled pork barbeque. What you make and how you cook it are up to you. Choose PROBE when cooking meats. Set the slow cooker to the desired meat temperature and it will automatically shift to warm when the temperature is reached. For soups or chili, choose PROGRAM and set the cooking time. It will switch to warm when the set time is complete. When you’re at home or able to monitor, MANUAL can be used. This setting allows you to choose high, low, or keep warm and the cooker will stay at that temperature. You can also insert the thermometer probe and the internal temperature of your meat will appear on the display as it cooks.

Created to fit your lifestyle, this slow cooker is easy to use and a snap to clean.

Know the Temperature
When making pot roast or turkey breast, wouldn’t it be nice to know when your meats are fully cooked? We thought so too, so the Hamilton Beach® Programmable Set & Forget® 6 Quart Slow Cooker is designed with a probe that displays the temperature as it’s cooking. It’s perfect for knowing when meat is cooked or for deciding when to start side dishes.

Automatic Cooking Choices

Set to the desired meat temperature. Automatically shifts to keep warm when temperature is reached.

Set the cooking time. Automatically shifts to keep warm when time is up.


Select high, low, or keep warm without setting a time.

Power interrupt protection
The Hamilton Beach® Programmable Set & Forget® 6 Quart Slow Cooker comes with an abundance of features. In addition to the three cooking choices and the temperature probe, it also is equipped with protection during a brief power outage. This feature keeps it on during those unexpected, brief outages, so when you come home your clocks might be blinking but your meal is hot and ready to serve.

Cooking side dishes or dessert
Main courses, soups, and one-pot meals are not the only things slow cookers are great for preparing. They are also perfect for making side dishes and desserts, especially when your main oven is full. Make everything from bread pudding to caramel apples in this versatile appliance.


Using the Program Mode
If you’ll be busy or away when your food is finished cooking, use the PROGRAM mode. It’s easy. Simply input the amount of time your food needs to cook and select the HIGH or LOW heat setting. As food cooks, the illuminated display on the control panel will alternate between the heat setting and the remaining time. When the cooking cycle is complete, the Set & Forget® Programmable Slow Cooker will automatically shift to WARM setting.

Using the Probe Mode
For many foods, especially large cuts of meat, the internal temperature is the best test for doneness. The temperature probe takes the guesswork out of slow cooking. Select the desired internal food temperature and the slow cooker will automatically shift to WARM once the temperature is reached. By using the cooking guide for the PROBE mode you can estimate the amount of time the food will need to cook.

Using the Manual Mode
On days when you want to keep things simple, you can simply select between the HIGH and LOW heat setting to cook your food. When your food is ready, turn the unit OFF or select the WARM setting until you’re ready to serve your food.

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